September 18, 2014

FM Experiments: Man U's Formation Problems, Part 4

In this series we have forced Ryan Giggs to coach some awful teams in awful formations, so today we're going to just let him pick a formation of his own. How will Manchester United do if left completely to their own devices?

 Football Manager 14 doesn't think much of Giggsy's skills as a coach at all. If you were to take over Man U in a new FM save, you would have to replace him as assistant immediately. He has no coaching skills to contribute on the training ground (though his determination and motivation are high enough to make him not totally worthless), no tactical knowledge, not a good judge of ability or potential, and no man management ability. So I'm sure he'll come up with a great formation for our team.

Here we are, let's simulate the season, this time leaving everything up to Giggs.

The final result: Sixth, behind West Ham but ahead of disaster seasons for Arsenal and Liverpool. Hull's cup win means Manchester United would miss out on European competition for the second year running. I think this is technically the worst result for the team yet, though the other formations were having no success and were only saved by new managers.

This time, there was no late season collapse. Man U comfortably fit right in to that boundary line between the Europa league spots and the also-rans.

And at the very end of the season, I was fired and replaced yet again by Diego Simeone. But this is of course Giggs' fault, because he made every decision for the whole year. How is he holding up?

He's still the assistant manager, at least for now. It's not a fair world, is it? What tactics did Giggs go with?

A straight 4-4-2. The most regressive tactic available for the team with all the offensive talent in the universe. Herrera, Di Maria, and Van Persie ride the bench. Van Gaal did just earn Manchester United's first real life win with a 4-4-2 Diamond, which makes much more sense for what's available in the team, but this regular 4-4-2 didn't do the team many favors in FM14.