May 15, 2012

Every Photo of Rick Steves is Amazing

Rick with the ladies
Rick Steves [sic] hosts a travel show I like to watch late at night on WINDOW TO THE WORLD CHANNEL 3, which I guess is a PBS alternate or something. When I'm in the right frame of mind (which I usually am at 2 AM when I'm watching) this show is the Funniest Thing on Earth. I don't exactly understand why, but this post is for all my favorite photos of Rick Steves on his many travels.
Rick with the ladies
Rick with the runners-up at the local Iranian beauty contest
Rick's action is too fast for the camera exposure


Rick listening to some sick tunes or 'casts or whatever in Venice
Rick likes to look just off-center in his photos, a decision I support
Rick Steves and the Last Crusade (1989)
Rick takes photos like a 16 year-old girl at The Cheesecake Factory
There's an app for Rick
Rick with the lady
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Rick's a supporter of legalizing marijuana, no, really
...and we'll close with Rick doing his teenager on Facebook photo thing with the Revolutionary Guard. Way to go, man.