November 3, 2011

Scouting Out Yu Darvish with a Japanese Game

The half-Japanese, half-Iranian wunderkind pitching ace Yu Darvish may be coming to the Major Leagues this offseason. For whatever reason, the Toronto Blue Jays are rumored to be the favorites for him right now, but who really knows where he might end up? I can't predict that, but I can find out all about his abilities with Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2011, Konami's simulation baseball game of this year. Featured above is a video showing off the Konami opinion of Darvish.

Basically, the game makes him a perfect pitcher. He's rated 99/99 stars in-game, with an S-rank slider, a very precise fastball, a deceptive slurve, and a B-rank cutter as his fourth pitch. In a game where a C-rank pitch is actually above average. Then he has a repertoire of about eight other pitches that are all just normal.

As it turns out, for the game I decided to record, that Darvish was in a slump, something that's just randomly determined for the play now mode, so these pitches on display in the video are actually a little worse than normal. Given all this and the fact that Darvish has had a sub-2.00 ERA over the past five seasons, and he's just 25 years old, and it's safe to say that he will be in high demand.