July 19, 2011

Sportsplosion: Philly Media Bias is Phun

I go to MLB.com a lot. And I often make fun of the headlines on Twitter or Facebook or just when talking with people, but this one was more stupid than normal, so here I am.

It seems like everyone came out of the All-Star Game in a slump. Jair Jurrjens, Tommy Hanson (not that he actually went to the All-Star Game, but whatever), and Cliff Lee all had horrible starts this week, and Adrian Gonzalez managed to make even ESPN shut up about calling him this year's AL MVP for a few minutes (never mind that he is not even the most valuable player on the Boston Red Sox). So I wasn't that surprised to hear that even the apparently invincible Roy Halladay had a crappy start against the woeful Cubs today, giving up three runs in four innings of work. But MLB couldn't let the people think that even Roy Halladay could have a bad start! No! It was the impossible, blistering, deadly CHICAGO heat!

Wow! So how hot was it? Well, the box score says the weather was 91 degrees and partly cloudy. So that is, well, not extremely hot. But I checked the Phillies recap of the game, and it says the heat index was "reportedly approaching 105 degrees." Wow, that is a higher number than 91! However, if you check the Cubs recap, it claims that the heat index was actually in the "mid-to-upper 90s." So, I suppose one can say that is approaching 105, if they mean that it is in fact a number that is less than 105. What's more, let's check out the weather for the Phillies' rival Atlanta Braves game today in Denver, which started at 92 degrees, partly cloudy. In that even more horrifying, killer heat, the Braves' worst pitcher pitched 6.1 innings and gave up four runs, which is exactly how all his starts go. But then, he was born in Michigan, so perhaps he's more used to the inhospitable heat of the Great Lakes Region.

Maybe Halladay just had a bad game? Maybe it wasn't a near fatal fight with the Chicago elements, MLB. Reports say that Halladay is "absolutely" fit for his next start, though, so we can all look forward to seeing him catch one of those San Diego wind chills.