April 24, 2011

Some Nice Words About My Music in "Mute Crimson"

I hadn't ever looked up reviews for "Mute Crimson" until just now, here are just a couple of quotes about my music in the game:

Kobun's Xbox Indies - "...Mute Crimson is an awesome platformer with tight gameplay, interesting style, excellent music, and [a] sense of humor....I really wish Merge the Memory Bit Studios had included a soundtest in there as Nathaniel Edwards’ music is quite good. I love the laid back themes found in the caves of Stage 3 and the low gravity world in Stage 5, and while the loops may be too short to warrant a download release, soundtrack is still good on its own. I’m always for composers who know that music should focus on melody and arrangement rather than jamming as many beeps and blips into an audio cut as possible, and the understated soundtrack is welcomed listening, especially given how often players will have to hear it as they repeat sections again and again."

XBLAFans - "Great sound and music – Nice sound effects coupled with some pretty out-there styled music give the game a great feel that has a Tron-like quality to it. There are some wacky sounds that hearken back to the Atari days and music that’s upbeat and worthy of a little head bobbing."