April 24, 2011

En-garde! - A Fun Game Featuring My Voice

En-garde! - a fencing game for the TIGSource "Versus" Competition by Türbo Bröther
A while back I did the voice acting for a quick, fun indie game featuring two dueling Frenchmen. The rest of the game is done by Türbo Bröther from the TIGSource forums. My French accent has to be one of my worst, yet everyone on the forums loved my voice acting. Increpare and Terry Cavanagh even liked it, and they're two of my favorite developers! The game did pretty well in the competition, coming in fourth in a giant freaking sea of entries, so that's all pretty exciting.

If you're interested in downloading it and trying it out, here's the link. "Versus" was a local multiplayer game-making competition, so you'll need a friend to experience much beyond my own voice.