February 20, 2011

David Starkey's "Monarchy" is Terrible

Hey, it's on Netflix Instant Watch, so let's chronicle all the dumb stuff in a big list.

  • Starkey says that today's presidents and prime ministers are just like monarchs, just as powerful as any king or Roman Emperor. Charlemagne and Jimmy Carter had exactly the same level of executive power, I guess.
  • He says that Rome did not have a concept for a ruler having checks against his power. Yeah, because no one had come up with the idea of a "republic" before then.
  • We really don't need to hear a description of Beowulf's funeral. It has no relevance to anything, like history for instance.
  • I'm already sick of his voice. Doesn't spell well for the remaining ten hours of the series.
  • Ancient England was peopled with dragons, you guys.
  • If you're not Roman, then you're a nasty, brutish ruler. Historians still saying this to this freaking day.
  • "Appropriately bombastic" is oxymoron. Define Bombastic - Overly pompous and wordy.
  • Oh no! Those poor Anglo-Saxons are having their British Isles invaded by Vikings? But the Anglo-Saxons never invaded anybody! Besides, well, the British Isles.
  • In Dark Ages England, the King is partners with his people. Therefore, he is able to make more demands on his people. How circular of Starkey.
  • End of first episode, I stopped paying attention for the last ten minutes. And now back to work.