September 27, 2010

That Painting in "Goodfellas"

"Goodfellas" is an awesome movie. Came out in 1990 and beats out any other movie from that decade. In one scene, Tommy's mother shows this kind of inexplicable painting off to the room. I was in a middle school art class cutting scraps out of National Geographic when I came upon this exact same odd picture, but as a photograph.

I cut out the whole page and saved it. I think it was from a 70's issue. I figured this was a fairly rare discovery, the source photograph for that weird painting in the movie. I can't immediately find the original photo online, so I think this might be the case. Here's the dialogue of the movie scene:

MOTHER: Have some more. You hardly touched anything. Did Tommy tell you about my painting? Look at this. (Pulls out an oil painting from alongside the refrigerator.)
JIMMY: It's beautiful.
TOMMY: I like this one. One dog goes one way and the other goes the other.
MOTHER: One's going east, the other’s going west. So what?
TOMMY: And this guy's saying, "Whaddya want from me?" The guy's got a nice head of white hair. Beautiful. The dog it looks the same.
JIMMY: Looks like somebody we know.
TOMMY: Without the beard! Oh no, it's him! It's him. (A thumping noise is heard through the open window from the trunk of the car parked outside.)
TOMMY: What's that?