January 4, 2019

"Tendon" - Short Story at The Hardball Times

A short story of mine called "Tendon" is up now at The Hardball Times AKA FanGraphs. It's a very short story about a baseball player and a schoolteacher.

May 7, 2018

"The Football Mod" for Crusader Kings II

Here's an admittedly weird thing I've made (that's a Steam Workshop link, here's the MediaFire link if you want to download it and put it in the CK2 mod folder yourself). I wanted to make a mod for Crusader Kings II, likely my favorite game ever, which is usually about war and marriage politics in medieval Europe (and North Africa and India and Central Asia). 

So what I've done is replaced all those medieval duchies and kingdoms with the real-life soccer teams and leagues that represent the same locales today: Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, all vying to rule the Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, and eventually the Champions League. Every team is "ruled" by its actual real-life owner or more often chairman of the board, and lots of teams have their real manager and star players in the game as well (unfortunately there's not a great way in-game to see who's managing or playing for the other teams, so you might not end up interacting much with Zlatan or Mario Balotelli. I may come up with a solution for this at some point.)

Here it is, available through the Steam Workshop, The Football Mod. You'll need Crusader Kings II to run it, and it's barely been tested at all, so there may well be a million bugs left to find and fix. Let me know if you find any. 

Here are some screenshots of the mod:

February 22, 2018

"The Fielder's Choice" Out Now

I wrote a video game! "The Fielder's Choice" is a 115,000-word interactive baseball novel and pitching sim where you take on the role of a rookie pitcher in the big leagues. It's available on all mobile stores and Steam now.

Store links:
- Steam
- Apple
- Google
- Amazon

October 13, 2017

Can You Get the Marlins Under $90MM?

Today Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald reported that the new Marlins ownership wants to trim the payroll to less than $90 million dollars. I knew they were looking to cut payroll, but I found this shocking. They're currently projected to have a $130.5 million dollar guaranteed payroll next year, before figuring in all the pre-arbitration players making league minimum.

To help visualize this, I put together a list of checkboxes you can tick for which Marlins you'd like to trade to get to their payroll target. The payroll at the bottom of the widget will update as you tick the boxes (Looks like it doesn’t show up fully on mobile, sorry.)

And a few notes:

  • Edison Volquez is untradeable. He's hurt and likely won't throw another pitch until his contract is up at the end of next year. Don't tick his box if you're looking for realism. 
  • Wei-Yin Chen was also hurt this year, and has a large guarantee left: $60 million dollars over the next three years. I don't think he can be traded without paying a lot of salary and/or including prospects. 
  • Martin Prado also went through knee surgery this year and has $28.5 million left over the next two years, so I don't see how he's traded without paying down a lot of the salary.

So, with all that being said, who would you trade to get the Marlins under a $90 million dollar payroll? All salaries are based on Roster Resource. An asterisk indicates an estimated salary from arbitration.

October 1, 2017

Curse Your Enthusiasm - A Short Story

I have a short story in the Halloween Zeen put together by Ryan Veeder (an interactive fiction person). The story is called "Curse Your Enthusiasm," it's about a witch, and it's on page 18.

There are also other great things in the Zeen, like more stories, comics, and a one-page board game, so I'm glad to be in good company.